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Typical case

Most of our projects were implemented for government agencies, big government and non-government companies. The networks monitored by NVS™ are large, up to size of networks of national operators. Such kind of projects is every time unique. Therefore, we do not  strictly hold the defined product line, and adapt our solution for a specific customer. The outline below describes the main areas of our solutions.


Digital TV broadcasting is an area with the most advanced leading-edge network technologies. Broadcasting operators constantly  face very complex and tangled problems. To maintain a unified picture of the state of a broadcasting network, we offer the specific solution focused on end-to-end control of signal delivering including conformance to TR-101 290 ETSI standard.
NVS Mediator DTV™ is specially built for quality analysis of signals of popular DVB-T/T2 formats. Proposed structure of the monitored network consists of two levels. The field level – retranslation sites in the field and the primary and backup (if exists) control centers on the top. The proposed architecture is natural for the NVS™ Platform. The NVS™ Platform is optimized for building powerful centralized and highly scalable network monitoring systems. It will be further possible to supplement additional levels, if more complex “umbrella - like” system with support subnet management delegation is required.  Read more...

Corporate Telephony

This is a traditional area of NVS™-based solutions. Telephony networks in general and corporate networks in particular are widely spread over the world. Typical corporate telephony network has a long history that includes many waves of upgrades and changes. Moreover, a wide range of equipment types that make up this network can be very heterogeneous. Monitoring and management can be very expensive in this case. NVS™-based solutions can significantly decrease these expenses.


Surely, NVS™-based solution can monitor simple IP-networks. However, the complex problems on the network cannot be solved effectively without special tools. Unique equipment, heterogeneous structure, use of non-traditional protocols -  the main cases where the NVS™-based solution will be invaluable.